Troubleshooting and Common PitfallsΒΆ

This document outlines some of the common pitfalls you may encounter when getting set up with huey. It is arranged in a problem/solution format.

Tasks not running

First step is to increase logging verbosity by running the consumer with --verbose. You can also specify a logfile using the --logfile option.

Check for any exceptions. The most common cause of tasks not running is that they are not being loaded, in which case you will see QueueException “XXX not found in TaskRegistry” errors.

“QueueException: XXX not found in CommandRegistry” in log file

Exception occurs when a task is called by a task producer, but is not imported by the consumer. To fix this, ensure that by loading the Huey object, you also import any decorated functions as well.

For more information on how tasks are imported, see the docs

“Error importing XXX” when starting consumer

This error message occurs when the module containing the configuration specified cannot be loaded (not on the pythonpath, mistyped, etc). One quick way to check is to open up a python shell and try to import the configuration.

Example syntax: main_module.huey

Tasks not returning results
Ensure that you have specified a result_store when creating your Huey object.
Periodic tasks are being executed multiple times per-interval
If you are running multiple consumer processes, it means that more than one of them is also enqueueing periodic tasks. To fix, only run one consumer with --periodic and run the others with --no-periodic.
Scheduled tasks are not being run at the correct time
Check the time on the server the consumer is running on - if different from the producer this may cause problems. By default all local times are converted to UTC when calling .schedule(), and the consumer runs in UTC.